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I have made a brochure. I am working on making some flyers. Once i have a day off i want to go to petco and start handing out some flyers . I know this is a great idea. I just need to spread the word and start raising some funds to get this going. So please help spread the word and donate if you can so we can get this up and running.


North Carolina Police Charge Woman With Animal Cruelty After Duct Taping Dog’s Muzzle

North Carolina Police Charge Woman With Animal Cruelty After Duct Taping Dog’s Muzzle

I’m sure many of you have seen the article floating around on Facebook and in the news of “North Carolina Police Charge Woman With Animal Cruelty After Duct Taping Dog’s Muzzle”. As dog lovers here at Dogs Day of Play, this woman’s, Katharine F. Lemansky, behavior stunned us. DRDD and I both came to the conclusion that this lady was wrong, cruel, and not too bright.

It’s already bad enough to tape the dog’s muzzle shut but to then go the extra step and broadcast it on Facebook. What was she thinking? Didn’t she know that there were others who recently did the same thing and were arrested and convicted? Such as, the guy from South Carolina who was charged with animal torture for taping a dog’s muzzle shut back in June. Not only did he tape the dog’s muzzle shut but he left his tongue out between its teeth for two days. The dog wasn’t able to eat or drink anything and lost blood circulation to his tongue.

Also there was the woman who taped her dog’s muzzle shut about 2 months ago. Although she claimed it was a joke, she put up the picture with the caption “I warned her! I told her I was going to teach her not to bite the baby again even play biting.” Animal lovers everywhere didn’t think it was a joke and neither did the authorities. They arrested and charged her with cruelty to animals.

Lemansky stated that what she did was also a joke and that she removed the tape immediately after the pic. But, we find taping a dog’s muzzle shut to be no laughing matter. What if someone did this to her baby and said it was a joke? Most people would find that to be cruel, so the same principal apply to dogs.

Authorities had to look for Lemansky in several states before they found her. They charged her with cruelty to animals and she faces possible jail time. She was also fined.

So what are your thoughts on this topic?

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Source: North Carolina Police Charge Woman With Animal Cruelty After Duct Taping Dog’s Muzzle – The Dogington Post

Doing some research on Daycare and parks

There are a lot of “daycare’s” out there but truly a lot of them only have an area like the picture above. And a few running kennels outside. And the ” Dog parks” are almost the same. Now I’m not saying that these are not good day cares or kennels. But truly what I have in mind is truly an all in one. With not only multiple play areas for dog’s of

all sizes but also a play area for the kids. And something for the adults. Here is a picture I found of a outdoor Dog park. The other one is a Doggy Daycare. Now a few have some small agility equipment but most are just dirt fields. Fenced in and separated for the dog’s sizes. I have taken my Dog Zeus to a few parks. One of them was literally a dirt park with a few balls and one bench for the adults to sit on. Some of the other so called parks are just an area to walk the dog’s. There is no water parks for the dog’s. No swimming pools. The few state parks that let the dog’s in the water ave time limits. The dog’s can only be on the beach from 6-7 am in the morning and must be on leash. There are a few dog friendly beaches but again there are time’s.  How many pet parent’s would love to have a truly all in one play area not only for dog’s but for their kid’s as well. A place were you can do a party, or maybe a pooch wedding. How about a baptism. Dog training, grooming. A place with a pool, a water park, a climbing structure, agility course. And it being both indoors and outdoors.

I know being a pet parent is truly a unique experience and there  isn’t much to bring the dog’s to play. My ideas are made to make the dog’s happy and for them to have a great place to got to. But I can’t do this alone. I do need your help in raising the money to start this and get it going. So please go to my classy page and donate and help me spread the word.  We as pet parents need a much better place to take our dog’s. Thank you for reading and stay tuned.